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The 2013 MPA Award for 'Best TV, Film,Video Animation Production Collaboration' for the 'Kapersky' film entitled 'Max and the Encounter with the Mobile Malware Monsters’. Which can been seen here.

The 2013 Big Chip Award for 'Best Use of Animation' for the 'Kapersky' film entitled 'Max & the Late Night IT Security Battle’. Which can been seen here.

The 2013 Roses Gold Creative Award for 'Best Use of Animation' for the 'Kapersky' film entitled 'Max & the Late Night IT Security Battle’. Which can been seen here.

"I first worked with Adam in September 2012. Everything went so smoothly I decided to take on a larger project built around his expertise. This project has succeeded to award winning level, due in no small part to Adam's approach to his work, I highly recommend him." June 25, 2013
Jon Turner, Director at Kilogramme
Adam's client at Kilogramme


"Adam is an excellent team player on a pressured production. Not afraid to learn new skills and an excellent communicator I would not hesitate to hire Adam again in the future or to recommend him to others." August 27, 2012

Steve Maher, Company and Creative Director at Firestep: An Impossible Pictures Company
Adam's client at Firestep


“Adam showed great promise whilst working with us at Cubic. He took direction well, always delivered what was asked, willing to put in all the effort needed ... and more. He produced great quality work on a project with very demanding deadlines, and integrated well with our team in the process. I look forward to working with Adam on future projects.” March 26, 2012

David Barton, Producer at Cubic Motion
Managed Adam at Cubic Motion


“During the time Adam worked with us he proved himself to be a valuable member of the team, fitting in well with the already established team and producing quality animation. He was more than willing to put in the work and time needed to get himself up to speed with our in-house pipeline and ensure that the desired quality was met. He was always looking to improve his work and responded well to constructive criticism. I would definitely recommend Adam and hopefully I will have the chance to work with him again.” March 27, 2012

Mike Jones, Head of Production, Cubic Motion
Managed Adam at Cubic Motion


“We have worked with Adam on and off on a freelance basis for the past couple of years. He has mainly provided us with 3D models and animation. He fitted into the team very well both for educational projects and for game development. He is an efficient worker, always hits deadlines and responds well to constructive criticism. I would have no hesitation to work with Adam again or recommend him to potential employers.” October 15, 2011

James Carroll, Director, Evil Twin Artworks
Employed Adam as a Volunteer Generalist Animator


“Adam Sirrelle is incredibly talented with great creative instincts. He always delivered above and beyond and on time -and selflessly problem solved. His immense skills coupled with his ceaseless perfectionism never ceased to impress. Adam Sirrelle fostered a dedication and upbeat enthusiasm that made it a joy to work with him.” February 28, 2011

Oliver Simonsen, Director, What Comics Entertainment
Employed Adam as a Volunteer Animator on Cerebus 3D


“I met Adam Whilst I was an examiner at Stafford UNI. I have been in contact with him over the last year and been helping him with his animation and providing him with some feedback. Adam seems like a very enthusiastic guy, Who works hard and is very keen to make an impact in the animation industry, he learns quickly and excepts criticism well. Like 99% of UNI students Adam hasn't been given the best direction and teaching so he has had to find his way himself a little bit, he is a very dedicated person, and i can tell that with a little bit more direction and a foot in the door, he will be flying and would be a very useful animator or technician within the games industry.” March 29, 2010

Gary Talbot, Animator, Rare Limited
advised Adam at Staffordshire University



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