Kapersky Ep 2

The Second in a series of films for Kapersky Antivirus Software.

Working together with Killogramme and other Generalists, Adam Sirrelle modelled and rigged the laptops and USB characters based on concept art by Christopher James Coady.
Adam animated the camera, characters and props using storyboards and under the direction of Jon Turner of Kilogramme.

Adam Sirrelle Animated everything in the following scenes:
Shot 1-4 * 00:02-00:14
Shot 6-7 * 00:15-00:16
Shot 24 * 00:58-01:01
Shot 31-33 * 01:18-01:28
Shot 39-40 *01:40-01:46
Shot 44-48 * 01:55-02:08

Software Used:
3D Studio Max
After Effects

Email: Adam@asirrelle.com

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