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Working together with Killogramme and other Generalists, Adam Sirrelle modelled, rigged and animated the characters, props and camera, using storyboards and under the direction of Jon Turner of Kilogramme.
Adam also did a lot of compositing; bringing 2D assets from other animators and incorporating them into maya and after effects, using photoshop to edit and adjust images.

Because of the merger of 2D and 3D it's difficult to pinpoint areas of work soley done by Adam.
As such please bear in mind that none of the 2D animation or art were done by Adam, but by the very skilled 2D Animation department at Kilogramme.
Therefore, unless stated otherwise, the below has been animated in Maya by Adam Sirrelle.

Adam Sirrelle Animated in the following scenes:
00:03-00:08 * The camera, placement of the butterfly
00:08-00:10 * The arm, bag and laptop
00:10-00:22 * The camera, preVis for man at bus stop (final animation is in 2D)
00:22-00:25 * The painters at the back, preVis for man at the front (his final animation is in 2D)
00:27-00:35 * The camera, man in window, shot compositing and cleaning
00:40-00:47 * The 3 men around the chair and the salesman, preVis for man in the grey coat (final animation is in 2D)
00:56-00:58 * The camera, shot compositing and cleaning
01:08-01:11 * The camera, shot compositing and cleaning, signs and vehicles
01:12-01:15 * Shot compositing and cleaning, newspapers
01:17-01:28 * All characters (except 2D expressions), the camera, shot compositing and cleaning
01:31-01:34 * The two women and phones, shot compositing and cleaning
01:34-01:54 * Shot compositing and cleaning
01:54-01:56 * The two characters shaking hands, shot compositing and cleaning
01:58-02:04 * All characters (except 2D assets), computer monitor, shot compositing and cleaning

Software Used:
3D Studio Max
After Effects

Email: Adam@asirrelle.com

Please feel free to send me an Email, and I'll do my best to get back to you as quickly as I can!