Adam Sirrelle Rigging Showreel

This is a collection of some of the biped, quadruped and machine rigs that Adam Sirrelle has created using Maya and 3ds Max.
This showreel demonstrates his use and knowledge of rigging, skinning, blendshapes and corrective blends, basic muscle systems and Ncloth.
The Animation has been primarily done by other animators or studios.

The Horse and Jockey from the iphone app/game 'Race Modlr, Horse Racing Simulator'
The Max, Laptop, and Mobile characters from the Kapersky Antivirus series of Adverts
The Ant, and Fox from the MTS Commercials
The Louse from 'The Great Martian War' documentary
The Cat from the Feliways advert 'stops cats scratching and spraying'

(Music: Double Fine - Massive Chalice Original Soundtrack - Bonus, Prepare Yourselves MinotaurMix)

Software Used:
3D Studio Max


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